Team Communication.
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Private and secure

Know that every message you send is private and closed to your organization. Share and keep all important company files and documents safely in Pronto.

Quick and easy onboarding.

You won’t miss a beat in transition. No more switching from app to paper to phone and back.

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Work Unlimited

  • Unlimited Video Streaming and Group Calls
  • No dial-in numbers, no access codes, and no limits on minutes.
  • Free, unlimited archiving, too.
  • Unlimited File Sharing and Storage


Task Management

Create, assign, and track tasks for your individuals or teams, complete with due dates, reminders, file attachments, notes, and more.

Detailed Analytics

Team administrators have access to usage reports on events occurring within their organizations, so you can fine-tune where needed.

More features... Yes more.

Real-time Read Receipts

No more wondering or hoping if a member of your team has opened your email or seen your text message.

Intelligent Notification Settings

Set notifications preferences at the team level to ensure that you’re notified when the most important messages come in.

You're on the go.
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